From Dean Dan - April 13, 2018

Dean Dan Hamilton

The new Workplace Law Program at UNLV Boyd, led by Professor Ruben Garcia and William S. Boyd Professor of Law Ann McGinley, is at the forefront of exploring issues surrounding labor and employment law. Created in 2017, the Program offers students a rigorous introduction to workplace law through courses taught by faculty and practitioners, and through educational programs and symposia that highlight internationally known speakers who address issues of national and local importance. 

On April 20 at 4 p.m., in partnership with the UNLV Workplace Law Program, we are delighted to present "Reconceptualizing Sexual Harassment, Again" from Yale Law School's Ford Foundation Professor of Law and Social Sciences, Professor Vicki Schultz. Professor Schultz teaches courses on the family, family law, employment discrimination law, workplace theory and policy, work and gender, feminist theory, and related subjects. Her work has been influential in scholarly circles in both law and the social sciences, and has also been cited widely by courts and the national news media. Please register here.

Tomorrow, we're excited to head out to the UNLV Eller Media Softball Stadium for our 9th Annual Spring Fling. Members of the Boyd Community are invited to join us for a day of softball, fun and fresh air! Learn more on our website, and my thanks to this years sponsor Blackfish Investments.

Dean & Richard J. Morgan Professor of Law

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