The Desert Talking Piece - Fall|Winter 2019-2020

Professor Lydia Nussbaum and Michael and Sonja Saltman Professor of Law Jean Sternlight

Saltman Center Faculty Feature: Staying the Course

Lydia Nussbaum’s main goal as she takes the reigns of the Saltman Center for Conflict Resolution: Pick up where her predecessor left offRead more

Saltman Center Clinics: Let's Talk It Out

Mediation Clinic offers students the chance to develop valuable skills while co-mediating actual cases

Saltman Center Faculty Feature: Upon Further Review

Compelling articles from Saltman Center professors explore the vast nuances of dispute resolution

Saltman Center Events: Sharing Expertise

The Saltman Center advances the conflict resolution conversation via thought-provoking lectures, special events

Recent Issues

Fall|Winter 2021-2022 - As Alternative Dispute Resolution has continually grown in popularity and practitioners, the Saltman Center for Dispute Resolution is no different in its expansion. From launching a partnership with the university's Ombuds office to ensure employees have a safe place to air their grievances to a recent graduate's career epiphany in an ADR class, learn more in this installment of The Desert Talking Piece.
Fall|Winter 2020-2021 - There is little doubt that 2020 has seen an incredible shift online for the legal profession, and the Saltman Center is helping to guide the way. From hosting online lectures and competitions to research on the psychological impacts of online lawyering and helping the next generation of practitioners. Learn more in this issue of The Desert Talking Piece.
Fall|Winter 2019-2020 - Though it has been 15 years since it was launched, the Saltman Center remains committed to advancing the theory and practice of ADR in scholarly publications, student involvement and special events. Professor Lydia Nussbaum steps in to fill the sizable shoes of Professor Jean Sternlight, the Saltman Center's Founding Director.
Fall|Winter 2018-2019 - This year, the Saltman Center unveils its Dispute Resolution Concentration and prepares to host the inaugural West Coast Dispute Resolution Conversation. Discover these exciting developments and meet Robin Gonzales, a student leading the way in ADR.
Spring|Summer 2018 - Join us as we welcome two new key faculty members, and three new student fellows. Also learn about the Center's new Juvenile Dependency Mediation Program.