Professors in Action

Saltman Center scholars examine conflict, legal disputes, and alternative dispute resolution in various contexts

By Matt Jacob

The Saltman Center for Conflict Resolution at the William S. Boyd School of Law at UNLV continues to build on its global reputation for impactful writing and research in the multidimensional realm of dispute resolution. Those contributions continued in 2022 and 2023, with Boyd Law faculty advancing their understanding of disputes and dispute resolution through their published articles, as well as live and virtual presentations around the world.

Here is a sampling of their most recent work:

Professor Lydia Nussbaum, Director of the Saltman Center for Conflict Resolution and also Associate Dean for Experiential Legal Education, co-authored the essay, “Community Accountability”, 34 Hastings Women's L.J. 5 (2023) (with M. Eve Hanan) that considers the meaning of “community” and “accountability” used by restorative justice and transformative justice reform movements. Professor Nussbaum and Professor Eve Hanan also presented their essay at a symposium on restorative justice and transformative justice at the University of California College of Law, San Francisco, in March, 2023. Professor Nussbaum also co-authored with Professor Jennifer Reynolds a book review, Activist Mediators, Mediator Activists: The Neutrality Trap, for the Negotiation Law Journal (Harvard).

Jean Sternlight, the founding Director of the Saltman Center for Conflict Resolution and the Michael and Sonja Saltman Professor of Law, will have two of her articles appear in an upcoming edited volume of the book Discussions in Dispute Resolution: The Next Generation, which publishes essential ADR articles along with commentary. The articles are: Jean R. Sternlight, “As Mandatory Binding Arbitration Meets the Class Action, Will the Class Action Survive?,” 42 Wm. & Mary L. Rev. 1 (2000), and Jean R. Sternlight & Jennifer Robbennolt, “Good Lawyers Should Be Good Psychologists: Insights for Interviewing and Counseling Clients,” 23 Ohio St. J. on Disp. Resol. 437 (2008). Sternlight also presented “The Psychology of Hybrid Arbitration Presentations” at the ICC Young Arbitration and ADR Forum (March 15, 2023); “Online or In-Person? Psychological Insights for Nevada Supreme Court Settlement Judges,” (Dec. 5, 2022); “Rapport, Emotion and Credibility in the Zoom Room” Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, Las Vegas NV (Nov. 11, 2022) and “Ethics of Hybrid and Online Dispute Resolution with Self-Represented Litigants,” Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, Las Vegas NV (Nov. 11, 2022).

Professor Marketa Trimble, the Samuel S. Lionel Professor of Intellectual Property Law, published the chapter “Transnational Judicial Competition in Intellectual Property Law” in the book Improving Intellectual Property: A Global Project (Susy Frankel et al. eds., 2023). Professor Trimble also gave numerous presentations, including: “The Territorial Discrepancy Between Intellectual Property Rights Infringement Claims and Remedies,” Lex & Forum conference; “The International Dimension of Intellectual Property Disputes” (May 2023); “Transnational Judicial Competition in Intellectual Property Law,” DreyFEST, New York University School of Law (March 2023) and “Enforcement of IP Rights at Trade Shows,” American Intellectual Property Law Association (November 2022).

Professor Thomas Main, William S. Boyd Professor of Law, published the 7th edition of his civil procedure casebook, Civil Procedure: Doctrine, Practice and Context (Wolters Kluwer Law & Business 2000) (7th ed. 2023) (with Stephen N. Subrin et al.) and the 8th edition of his Remedies casebook, Remedies (Foundation Press 8th ed. 2023) (with Elaine W. Shoben et al.). 

Professor Ben Edwards published Supreme Risk, 74 FLORIDA L. REV. 543 (2022), and also has two forthcoming law review articles, “Of Marks and Markets: An Empirical Study of Trademark Litigation, __” S. CAROLINA L. REV. (forthcoming) (with Jessica Kiser and Sean Wright) and “Stockbroker Secrets, __” UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA J. OF BUS. L. __ (forthcoming) (with James Fallows Tierney). Professor Edwards was also elected Chair and Chair-Elect of three Association of American Law Schools (AALS) Sections: the Securities Regulation Section, Transactional Law and Skill Section, and Professional Responsibility Section. He served as a guest on the podcast Let’s Talk Markets and also wrote numerous blog posts for the “Daily Beast,” “Columbia Blue Sky,” and “Business Law Professor Blog”.  He is a member of the Nevada State Board of Finance and was Co-Chair of the Corporate Governance Summit (with Greenberg Traurig).

Professor Nantiya Ruan published Racial Pay Equity in “White” Collar Workplaces, 88 Brooklyn L. Rev. 519 (2023), and a symposium essay, Work Hierarchies and the Social Control of Workers, for a Creighton Law Review Symposium on Professor Teri A. McMurtry-Chubb’s book, Race Unequals: Overseer Contracts, White Masculinities, and the Formation of Managerial Identity in the Plantation Economy, 56 Creighton L. Rev. 191 (2023). Professor Ruan also served as the Editor in Chief of the 2023 Cumulative Supplement to Fair Labor Standards Act (Bloomberg). She presented on “Teaching Tolerance in the Conspiracy of Silence,” Assoc. of Legal Writing Directors Annual Conference, University of California Irvine School of Law (July 14, 2023) and “The Gender Pay Equity Problem in Universities,” Rocky Mountain Legal Writing Conference, Boyd School of Law at UNLV (Feb. 25, 2023).

Professor Eve Hanan, also Associate Dean for Faculty Development and Research, presented her work-in-progress The Trial Penalty at the annual meeting of the Law and Society Association in Puerto Rico in June, 2023, and at Brooklyn Law School in July. The article analyzes a recent trend of legal and equitable challenges to asymmetries in plea bargaining. Additionally, Professor Hanan co-authored with Professor Lydia Nussbaum an essay on Community Accountability, which takes a critical look at the concept of “community accountability” in current transformative and restorative justice efforts. She also presented this project with Professor Nussbaum at the UC San Francisco School of Law symposium on restorative justice and transformative justice reform movements.

Professor Jeff Stempel, the Doris S. & Theodore B. Lee Professor of Law, completed the latest edition of his casebook, Learning Civil Procedure (4th ed. 2022) (with Prof. Brooke D. Coleman, Prof. Steven Baicker-McKee, David F. Herr, Esq. & Dean Michael J. Kaufman), and the annual supplementation for his other book, Stempel and Knutsen on Insurance Coverage (with Prof. Erik S. Knutsen). In addition to law review articles and other journal publications, Professor Stempel published numerous book chapters in international insurance law and regulation texts, including Insuring Against “War-Lite:” The New Face of the War Exclusion in Insurance, in Proceedings, IV Congreso Internacional De Derecho Del Seguo (El Seguro De Personas y La Inteligencia Artificial (Thomson Reuters 2023) (forthcoming) (with Erik S. Knutsen); American Exceptionalism: The COVID-19 Insurance Experience, in AIDA Europe Research Series: Insurance Law and Regulation on Covid-19 and Insurance (Maria Luisa Munoz Paredes & Anna Tarasiuk, eds.) (2023) (with Erik S. Knutsen). He also presented around the world, including at the 2023 Annual Meeting on Law and Society in San Juan, Puerto Rico: U.S. Insurance Law and Politics: The Influence of Structural Factors on COVID-19 Coverage Claims (Annual Meeting on Law and Society, San Juan, June 1, 2023).